Gratitude and reverence are God-centered motivations. Reverence emphasizes who God is and gratitude for what He has done for us. Grace is the best motivation that leads us to true transformation and truly living for God… Understanding God’s grace that comes with the Gospel will help us to respond to that grace with self-denial and walk in his way. God has already given to us in abundance. Everything we do for God is just an expression of gratitude toward God. (Natee Tanchanpongs, “Sola Gratia”, in The Five Pillars of the Protestant Faith, pp. 63-64)

At Grace City, we focus on giving (life, possessions, money, time, gifts and abilities) from our gratitude towards God. We believe that the generosity of those who believe in Jesus Christ comes out of hearts transformed by the gospel. For this reason, offerings given to God is not a mode of merit-making (believing that God will pay back to those who give), but rather we offer with a posture of gratefulness to God, who saved us and has given us everything in our lives abundantly. At Grace City, as we reflect upon God’s generosity through God’s grace in our lives, we encourage everyone to grow in the gospel and respond to God’s grace with a heart of generosity.

However you choose to sacrifice in living a more generous life for God and for others, we invite you to consider a holistic approach of generosity. This includes generosity through service, relationships, hospitality, through the privileges and power we hold, and lastly, through our wealth.

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